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I made it!

Hi everyone,

I've made it safe and sound and in one piece! It feels so good to get away. It really didn't hit me that I was leaving until I was actually on the plane. The last few weeks with having more to coordinate with skating, the end of school, and packing up my teaching life in to boxes, it hasn't hit me that I was leaving. I am definitely not mentally prepared to teach, but that's ok! I can figure it out!!I had the intention of reading through things that I printed, and figuring out what to teach on the plane, but I was distracted my movies, TV shows, and sleep! I always feel bad for the person that sits next to me on those long flight. I just can't sit still, and move around a lot. Good thing that the person next to me slept solidly most of the way! The flight here was pretty uneventful, and quite smooth (thank goodness!). It was funny leaving Vancouver Friday morning and arriving in Shanghai Saturday afternoon. The bus ride fron Shanghai to Fuyang was about 4 hours and fascinating. We were on the freeway the whole time. The view the whole way was low-rise appartment building after low-rise appartement building. They just didin't stop. At one point, there was a huge area of 100+ 20 floor appartement buildings in perfect rows. I was actually quite creepy, because from where we were, we couldn't see any people, so it just looked like a big ghost town. Before I left, I read about China's ghost towns and ghost cities - google it if you have a chance. I don't think this was one of them, but it's what it reminded me of!

Once we arrived at the hotel where we are staying, we droped our stuff off and had a wonderful dinner! I will admit I was falling asleep at the table, and once I got back to my room at 9:00 pm, i could barely keep my eyes open after being up for more than 24 hours. I had a quick shower, found my pyjamas, took some melatonin and slept solidly on my very hard bed until 5 am. Hello jet lag! I gotmyself organized and unpacked in the morning and we adventured in the city a bit. It's very hot and humid here, so I think we will be spending mornings going for nice walks and adventures, and late mornings planning before we go to teach.

We are heading to the school for some sort of opening ceremonies soon, so I will sign off here. I'll try to write again soon!

Miss you all already!


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